Ganagitti Temple

Ganagitti Temple in Hampi is a Jain temple. It is located on the Kampli road, on the way to Bhima’s Gate. This lovely temple is one of the simple stone structures in Hampi.

The temple is one of the earliest structures constructed during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is one of the notable temples in the ancient village and is visited by a large number of tourists on their Hampi trail.

How to reach Ganagitti Temple, Hampi

The Ganagitti Temple in Hampi is situated on the way from Kamalapuram to Anegundi. The place is easily accessible to visitors once they reach Hampi.

By Air

Hampi is a ruined old village with no airport of its own. Ballari (Bellary) the closest town that has an airport. Ballary stands at a distance of around 64 km from Hampi. Visitors can reach Ballari by flight and then travel to Hampi by means of local transport.

By Rail

The village of Hampi is devoid of a railway station. The nearest railway station can be found in the city of Hosapete (Hospet). It has the Hospet Junction Railway Station. Hosapete is situated at a distance of around 10 km from Hampi. One of the easiest ways to reach Hampi from Hosapete is to take a bus. There are other means of local transport also to reach Hampi from Hosapete.

By Road

Hampi has a good road network and is connected to many towns and cities by this network. There are a lot of buses that travel between Hampi and several towns and cities in Karnataka. Visitors have the option to hire private cars, cabs or other vehicles from big cities like Bengaluru (Bangalore) or Mysuru (Mysore) to travel to Hampi.


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