Hampi: This is a group of mountains .In the process of evolution of human Beings the monkey and the vanaras have got their own important place.Hampi was the origin for such vanaras and a birth place of veer Anjaneya.It was a kingdom of Vanara Kings like “Vaali” and “Sugriva” which was named as “Kishkinda”.The Group of mountains was very suitable for staying of Vanaras and Monkeys.
A great number of saints and sages had medicated on this scared place worshipping Lord Sriman Narayana for his grace and blessings. Lord took the incarnation as Sri Ramachandra and fulfilled the wishes of saints to realise the dreams of Rama Rajya.As such this Thapo Bhoomi was called as Rushaymuka Parvatha. It was training camp for Vanaras for above six months.The Training was given by Sri.Ramachandra and Laxmana to raise a war against Rakshasa Ravana.
For that Lord Ramachandra Stayed here six months and the place is said as mythological place. Mother Shabri a poor woman from Dalit family had offered meals to Sri.Ramachadra with her own hands, thereby this place Hampi was made as sacred place.
And it was here the Religious Guru(Dharma Guru) of Vijayanagar Empire ,Sri Guru Vidyaranya, who medicated in rushaymuka parvatha, deeply worshipping Gadded Laksmi Devi.To establish the person the deeply worshipping Godess Laxmi Devi. To establish the person the Goddess blessed him pouring the rain full of gold with her grace .That is why during the region of Vijayanagara Emperors, the Gold, pearls, Gems were sold and bought in the market like vegetables.
Hampi is also for the Heritage of Culture and beautiful sculpture. The visitors could feel as though the rocks and stones and hard stones in Hampi worked as wax in hands of sculptors and great artist. Hence this place is included in the list of World Heritages by UNESCO.
Lakshmi Golden Beach , Which is named in the memory of Golden Era of Vijayangara Empire, is situated in such a Dominion, Where their was a rainfall of Gold.This Golden Beach is setup in the midst of the Mountains, Rivers and Monuments of ruined Hampi.
This Laksmi Golden Beach is having the facilities of Beautiful Gardens, Restaurants, Swimming Pond and Festinated Cottages with a children park of happiness, Enjoyment Pond and Facilitated Cottages with a children park of Happiness, Enjoyment and inspiration for the Bliss of the Souls to the Visitors of The Lakshmi Golden Beach.

Hence A Hearty Welcome to the Tourist from all over the world.