Gandhi Nature Care Hospital 

Hospital name we kept in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. He was practically proved the MARGA OF AHIMSA, SATHYA, DHARMA, and NYAYAM. He was fallows unique fasting system and NISHTAVANTA JEEVANAM (dedication )as like MOUNAM, SAHANAM, and NIGRAHAM. He was created a new wave of SATHYAGRAHAM on the basis only the India will become freedom country .He is father of our nation. All world surprised above systems and obliged mahatma Gandhi’s marg  these are fundamentals fallows in nature cure .Nature is imbalance human health also imbalance so human depended on nature only, Human is part of environment.

Our nature cure hospital is in beautiful view point and middle of mountains valley place at left bank of tungabhadra river spread over 32 acres of nature  land in heart of virupapur gaddi  (hampi island)  very close to world of heritage site opposite of Virupaksha temple.

This island of Virupapur Gaddi recognized as world tourism place more than 70 countries tourist stay in our health resort. The area of hampi is adopted by UNESCO (UNITED NATION EDUCATION SOCIAL CULTURAL ORGANIZATION).

We have attended and take care about their health care-fully and served to each and every need of domestic and foreign tourists to make their treatment days feel pleasantly & enjoyable the memorable moment with our good hospitality.
Big and splendor viewed swimming pool with beautiful green lawns color full gardens opposite the wide green world of rice field. Mother Nature in front of your door step. The overall aesthetics and the ambience of the entire place reflect a clever blend of traditional and modern architecture; World tourist book lonely planet also recommended this health resort very highly. The state and central governments they having the big plans for this area by environment and tourism development. They are maintained by the heritage rules and regulations.

Department Of Hospital:

Massage (Department) Hydrotherapy Magneto therapy
Physiotherapy Chromo therapy
Eight Day Health Resoration Programme for Those who are not suffering from any disease

Every Machine Needs Rest & Servicing. Are you not sending your Vehicles for regular Servicing and overhauling similarly our Body too need some rest, Overhauling and servicing Physically & Mentally. This is a must for maintaining good health and happiness in life, Come and avail this facility

Under the scheme:
  • Fasting , Diet
  • Relaxation with special treatments such as Massage
  • Steam - bath ,Sun - bath ,Hot & Cold baths ,Mud - baths.
  • Yoga-are spread over for a period of 8 days.
  • The total expenditure for food, stay & treatments includes
  • Modern and comfortable accommodation to stilt an individuals budget is provided
  • Double Bed COTTAGE
  • Double Bed Villa
  • Cottage & Villa are with Double beds attached with bathroom & Toilet.

Naturopathy is a system of medicine which utilise the inherent healing powers of the human organism to treat the diseases. Human body, if given an opportunity, can heal itself with the help of its remarkable recuperative powers, the assistance to this healing power is given by fasting, appropriate diet, therapeutic yoga and various physical therapies.


This institute s started to promote health self- sufficiency in each and every individual with the principles of Naturopathy and yoga. Time and space had limited human being from correct life-style. This centre, by its valuable services, reminds man of the healthy life-style and self healing power of the body by which many diseases can be cured and prevented.

Brief Note :
A Dedicated Exponent of Pranayama In these days of mystiques, there are very few who really has a rational understanding and deep insight into the sub titles of Yoga and Pranayama.

Pranayama has been in use in our Country from ancient times both as a therapeutic measure and also as ‘a means of spiritual advancement. From the point of view of Modern Medicine also Pranaynma improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Oxygen forms an important part of the Prana that is breathed in. With the help of this Oxygen every cell tissue breaks down the potential energy of the food substance into actual energy that is required for development of the body and senses.

Pranayama renders strength to all the parts of our body. It strengthens our intellectual power and gives dyanainism. Hence it is a must to practice Prannyarna, According to Sama Veda ‘Prana and Apana’ are considered to be a divine medicine to man and therefore it is superior to all systems of Medicines. With regarding the therapeutic values of Pranayama’. Practice of Pranaynma cure diseases like Diabetics, Asthma, .Tuberculosis, Ulcers, diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat, because of supremacy over either systems of Medicine, it should be encourage the present society were people are living stressful type of life to help to come out of his adverse type of living the practice of Pranaynma is the only solution.

Treatments its are available in the following therapy:
  1. Pranayama Therapy
  2. Bio—feed therapy
  3. Phy-Lama therapy.
  4. Deep Meditation bliss ness, Internal Pranayama
  5. Naturopathy
  6. Tibetan Naturopathy,

    Advises and treatments are available for all kinds of diseases, like:
  • Pituitary turners
  • Syndtdrnes due to Ant Pituitary hypsedretion.
  • Syndromes due to Ant Pituitary hyposecretion
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Thyroid disorders,
  • Parathyroid disorder
  • Disorders of adrenal glands
  • Sexual disorders in male
  • Sexual disorders in females
  • Metabolic disorders eg. lipidemias.
  • Diseases of connective tissue and bones and joints.
  • Diseases of Muscles : Myopathies
  • Psychiatric disorders.
  • Disease of alimentary system.
Diseases Treated...

1. Gastro Intestinal disorders: Non ulcer dyspepsia, Hyperacidity Peptic Ulcers, Constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, Hemorrhoids etc.

2. Respiratory Disorders: All types of allergies, Rhinitis, Sinusitis Allergic bronchitis, Bronchial asthma etc.

3. Cardio vascular Disorders: Hypertension, ischemic heart diseases Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertriglyceridimia.

4. Endocrine disorders: Diabetes mellitus Hyper and Hypothyroidism etc.

5. Spinal Disorders: Cervicdl and lumbar spondylosis, lumbago sciatica syndrome Cervical and lumbar disc problems etc.

6. Skin disorders: Allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, Eczema etc.

7. Nervous Disorders: Anxietyneurosis,Depression fear psychosis and Insomnia etc.

8. Obesty (Over weight): In addition to the above, disorders like Auto Immune diseases, collagen diseases some of the menstrual disorders, Infertility are being successfully treated after proper evaluation.


Be Young, hale and Healthy
You invite diseases by leading a unnatural and artificial life.
By practicing few natural and healthy habits, you will always remain healthy and again return to your best health.

Daily Routine Of The Institution: 

a) 5.30 a.m. Rise from the bed. Take one glass full of Water & attend
Nature & s calls.

b) 5-45 to 6-00 a.m. Prayer

c) 6-00 to 6-30 a.m Routine Treatment

d) 6-30 to 7-30 a.m. Yogasana Classes

e) 7-30 to 8-30 a.rn. Morning rounds by Medical officers.

f) 8-30 to 10-00 am Special Treatments

g) 10-00 to 11-00 a.m. Meal

h) 11—00 to 2—00 p.m. Rest

i) 2-00 to 5-00 p.m. Routine & Special Treatment (if any)

j) 4-00 to 5-00 p.m. Yogasana Classes for Women

k) 5-30 p.m. Meal

l) 6—30 p.m. Prayer, Svadhyayalla, Discussions
and Discourses on Health subjects and Health Problems.

m) 7—00 to 9—00 p.m. TV. Programmers 9-00 p.m. Sleep

Rules & Regulations:

a) The right of admission is reserved.

b) The Superintendent has the right to discharge any patient if it is found that the patient is violating the discipline of the institution.

c) The patient have to bring with them (1) Personal Clothing (2) Bed Sheets (3) Loose Dress for Yoga, Torch & Umbrella.

d) The patient have to participate strictly in the daily routine programme of the institutor.

e) Visiting Hours for visitors 4-00 p.m. to 6-00 p.m.
No patient is allowed to go out of the premises without prior permission from the Duty Medical Officer.

g) Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Snuff, Tobacco & Betel Chewing and drugs & Alcohol are strictly prohibited in the premises and the visitor and attendants of patients have to be taken care by the patients in this regard.

h) No cooking and no outside food in any from is not allowed in the premises. The patients have to stick to the diet prescribed by the Doctor and supplied by tile hospital canteen.

i) Patients should not tip the staff of the hospital and they are advised not to enter into any type of financial transactions with the workers, excepting with the Cashier & Accountant of the hospital.

j) The patients should not bring any valuables like jewelers, and keep cash with them during their stay. Only necessary deposit will be collected by the office.

k) Faculty available to the Patients (desirous of using telephone for local & STD / ISD calls have to take prior permission from the AO / Manager / Superintendent and they have to reimburse the charges immediately.


Track and TV available for the patient’s recreation and relaxation.